Chapter 1

The Resilience Challenge

Chapter 2

The Global Landscape of Infrastructure Risk

Chapter 3

Strengthening Systemic Resilience: Upscaling Nature-based Infrastructure
Solutions (NbIS)

Chapter 4

Financing for Disaster- and Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

Chapter 5

Capturing the Resilience Challenge

Annexure I

Looking Forward: How to Monitor Progress towards Infrastructure Resilience

Message from the International Advisory Board of the Report

The new report on Global Infrastructure Resilience by the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) is a landmark study. Every government should read it carefully, absorb its crucial messages, and utilize it in the design of long-term infrastructure strategies. The report’s underlying four messages are clear: most of the infrastructure needed for the year 2050 is yet to be built; governments need to scale up massively the investments in infrastructure; infrastructure will be under dire risks of major climatological and geological hazards; governments need to invest in the resilience of the infrastructure and in societal resilience more generally. All of this requires a massive scaling up of public and private financing, as well as the deployment of new methodologies, described in the report, to embed resilience into the planning and design of infrastructure programs.

Jeffrey Sachs

Columbia University

Message from the International Advisory Board of the Report

This is an impressive piece of work solidly anchored in evidence and analysis. It promises to transform the way we think about investing in resilient infrastructure as well as infrastructure for resilience. It underscores the opportunities and incentives to invest and perhaps even create a new asset class.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

World Trade Organization

Message from the International Advisory Board of the Report

India’s G20 presidency has rightly emphasised the importance of disaster resilient infrastructure. This first Biennial Report on Global Infrastructure is a path breaking initiative in structuring the debate on thinking systematically or building in resilience at the very beginning, together with the associated challenges of ensuring compliance with established standards and norms. With contributions from leading experts, governments, and industry pioneers, the report sheds light on innovative strategies, transformative projects, and cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing the world’s infrastructure landscape. Emphasizing the significance of resilient, inclusive, and environmentally conscious solutions, this report serves as a pivotal resource for policymakers, investors, and visionaries, inspiring collective action for a brighter, interconnected future.

Suman Bery

NITI Aayog

Message from the International Advisory Board of the Report

It is with immense pleasure that I endorse the forthcoming Biennial Report on Global Infrastructure Resilience. This comprehensive report, crafted with collaboration from distinguished experts including CDRI, stands as a testament to our collective pursuit of a resilient future. Reflecting on our recent discussions and the insights within, I am convinced that this document will serve as a crucial roadmap, guiding policymakers, stakeholders, and communities towards enhanced infrastructure resilience across the globe. The efforts put forth in this report not only signal our commitment but also shine a light on the actionable strategies that can bring about transformative change. I eagerly anticipate the positive impacts that will undoubtedly follow.

Rosa Galvez

Independent Senators Group, Senate of Canada